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[16 Feb 2005|04:47pm]
[ mood | ...lost ]

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well, if any of you havent heard, i am atempting to move to hawaii. im bored of everywhere else, and ive realised, since ive been back to california, that i enjoy the ocean WAY too much for my own good, so what better place to go than hawaii.. its warm, good water... good waves, good for surfing... nice climate. hell, i came up with this idea, and i allready have 6 people behind me, that are willing to move with me. im sure i will find more.

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shiiiiiit maing [14 Feb 2005|10:58am]
[ mood | loved ]

hmm, update for the past few weeks.

i have a girlfriend now. her name is alex.. lotsa fun. uhh, been going to the beach alot... the beach amuses me, im getting a surfboard next weekend... and possibly a car. i finally got my cell phone yesterday. its got a camera and a flash light... and lotsa nifty little things on it. im getting my new sunglasses thursday *skipping with alex to go to santa cruz on thursday, cuz its her birthday* blahh... im done... just waiting around for nothing to happen. although, today i am going to carmel to go the the beach... and then somewhere eles im not sure where yet though.

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[23 Jan 2005|05:59pm]
today has been lame

tomorrow will be lame

i hate you all.

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[03 Jan 2005|12:39am]
[ mood | what? ]

aww fuck it.

things need to change.

whatever dude, schools tomorrow...

i just need to figure out what things i can have... out of all the things i want.

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[30 Dec 2004|12:03pm]
I <3 Lynette

<3 = less than three
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[28 Dec 2004|06:07pm]
[ mood | recumbent ]

haha, so i got in an arguement with jenni today... it was fun while it lasted, but what does that little immature slutty ass bitch do? she "disabled anonymouse and non-friend comment posting"... awww, im soo sad, im not her friend.

well, i bet all of you are soo incredibly dissapointed that you will never get to see this wonderful little bout.


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i = 83% punk [28 Dec 2004|10:46am]
[ mood | PUNKY!!!! ]

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ahahah... wow, so yeah i was answering honestly, kinda maybe hoping for hardcore... but oh well.

less than three?

OOH and, haha, im wearing my clash shirt today.. woah, thats crazy.

oh, and btw, fuck new found glory, simple plan and all that bullshit.
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THE SHARK [27 Dec 2004|09:47pm]
[ mood | flabbergasted ]

I couldn't find a picture of captain Petursson, so I drew one:

Picture of Captain Petursson beating the shit out of a Dimetrodon.

Captain Petursson, the skipper of a trawler named "Erik the Red," was watching his crew gut some fish one day when he saw a shark swimming towards them. Did he grab his skirt and run screaming like some nancy-boy? Hell no! He ran alright, right into the water, grabbed the 660 lb (300 kg) shark by its tail, dragged it to land and MURDERED IT WITH HIS KNIFE!!*$# Holy shit!

Although he's called the "Iceman," I have no doubt this man was born and raised a pirate. How can he not be? He probably eats rocks and shits gun powder. If he were any manlier, he'd start a website where he lambasted morons who emailed him on a daily basis. Captain Petursson is a real man in every sense of the word."




p.s. i less than three lynette

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christmas eve brings joy to losers. [24 Dec 2004|01:54pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

so, finally some good fucking news for once, from this shithole in the middle of california.

i wake up before my dad this morning(trying to be "good" and take a shower and shit before he wakes up so he doesnt bitch at me for being in the shower when he NEEDS to take one.) and get ready, do all my shit, make sure all my ducks are in a row... because im sick and tired of them finding any fucking thing to get pissed off at me for.. then, you know he wakes up, jen wakes up, ive done nothing wrong. i go to the tennis courts with my dad... (can you imagine?? ME?? playing TENNIS??????) so, i suck ass at tennis now, though i do have a pretty good serve, i cant backhand to save my life, and my forehand is pretty sparatic. anyway, matt shows up, and my dad and him play a game of tennis, so i sit on the side, next to the tennis ball tubes, one with my dads keys in it, the other with his cell phone in it.. hoping MAYBE i would hear the cell phone ring, because MAYBE someone decided to call, though i dont know who would, roxie, and dagon are the only people that know my dads cell number, besides me, and people that know my dad. so then we leave the tennis courts, everythings going fine till i see my dad turn twords the road that goes to the shopping center with the SUPER CUTS in it. in my head im thinking "god damnit, just give it up, im not gonna fucking cut my hair, get over it" so i say, "where are we going?" "ive got some errands to run"..................(the pauses mean 'a few minutes later') "are you gonna cut your hair for me?" "no" flatter than a 4 month old coke in an open can. "aww, come on, it would be a really nice christmas presant for your dad"(hes speaking in 3rd person, so i decide to be JUST like him,) me(speaking in 3rd person) "it would be a really nice christmas presant for your son if you would get the fuck over his hair, and not bitch about it so much" "well.. i kn--" (i cut him off mid sentance) "you know, i thought seeing me would be something happy for you, not just a chance for you to look at all of my imperfections and decide for me which ones i needed to fix. I know DAMN well whats wrong with me, and i know damn well what i want to fix, and what i want to be wrong with me... and just for the record, in my opinion, which doesnt mean SHIT to you, my hair, my earring, the way i dress, the stuff i like to do, there isnt a fucking thing wrong with them" there is silence in the car untill we get to office max.

i think after me yelling and cussing at him in the car... he will probly be over my hair.

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[22 Dec 2004|08:35am]
[ mood | crushed ]

hmm so, whats new...

still in california, dad wants me to cut my hair, dad wants me to take out my earring... im not doing either. making for a very good situation at our house.*hes not used to me resisting this much, i usually tell him "no, im not cutting my hair" but give in because i cant deal with all the fucking comments and shit, but this time, NO, im not cutting my fucking hair, and, NO im not taking out my half inch, it took me a few weeks to get to this, and im not gonna let those weeks and the pain go to waste.*

so i can give you a list of all the friends ive seen since ive been here:

1. patricia
2. (if you count pictures online) dagon
3. clint
4. people on myspace....

but they dont count, cuz i didnt get to see them so, patricia.

WOOO PATRICIA, i mean, i love her to death, shes a great friend, i just wish i had more to look forward to when i got here, but i dont.

so now im back to the same old shit, coming to my dads office, and doing nothing, because noone is ever home to talk to me in texas, and im thinking about the same old shit. clint, dagon, ryan. ive decided that my life without the three of them, even if i never saw them all at the same time, would be shitty. like, if i only saw clint and ryan together, and dagon was never with them, or if i allways saw clint and dagon together, but ryan was never with them, shit, i wouldnt care just as long as i had all three of them as friends. I mean, sure ive done some fucked up things to my friends in the past, but it was usually out of fun, i never really do any of it to intentionally hurt them. like when i let clint get in the trunk of my car while he was drunk, and then pushed him out of it... it was for the sake of fun, i didnt WANT to hurt him, and plus we were all drunk *except for dagon, she was being a good little sober driver* i mean damn, in the end, my friends are my life. and i dont let many people as close to me as ive let dagon clint and ryan. this is the longest ive ever had friends, so at this point, im expecting someone to get pissed off at me or something, because i can never go this long with a group of friends its like... the only friends ive had for longer than this is robert, but hes not a group, hes more like a brother. but friends, they never stay around long. i dont know, maybe this time it will be different, but im not gonna plan and hope on it.

last night i was talking to my friend roxie, from around here, and she was telling me that she thinks some guy is playing with her mind *i think she meant heart* and showed me part of a conversation where he would mention the winter ball, but then not ask her to it, you know, "are you going to winter ball?" "i guess if someone asks me, are you?" "i dont know"... so me being a good friend, decided to talk to the guy, and you know see what he was really about. so, second thing he says to me is "are you a homo"...wtf? if any of you know me and actually read this far, post a comment telling me either how GAY i am, or how STRAIGHT i am, because i would REALLY like to know what everyones impression of me is. but anyway, im a real ass to him after that, because he pissed me the fuck off, asking me if im gay and then saying im homophobic, or in his terms "homofuckingphopic"... well, a little bit after that he has the audacity to call me Illiterate... who the fuck calls me illiterate? by this point ive decided that this guy is a complete dumbass and needs to be put in his place. "yep, im illiterate, i dont know how to read or write, and that is how im keeping a conversation with you online... i have no idea what your saying and im just mashing keys hoping that they turn into a string of somewhat cohearant words that make sense in this situation. OR, maybe they dont make sense to you, because you have the IQ of a 3 year old" "haha, i have the IQ of a 3 year old? im in AP classes" "ive never had anyone older than 3 tell me i was illiterate." "well im in physics and im a junior" "mann, shut the fuck up about your classes, i was in physics as a freshman, so dont even TRY to contest your brilliance with me by bringing up your classes"... if you cant tell this guy pissed me off. so later he says im gay again, and i said "so, when was the last time you got laid... well let me apropriate the question... what was the last time you got laid by a girl?" "last weekend... you?" *lieing just slightly* "yesterday" *ok, so i lied, i was on an airplane all day... and the bathrooms werent big enough to get the flight attendants into so, no, i didnt get laid on monday, but oh well, he doesnt know that.* so then i say "just a word of advice dont fuck a girl that actually wants a relationship with you..." "i allready am right now" "so, is ass all you ever want... or do you want a relationship with someone" "well, you know relationships are good sometimes, but right now im just lookin for ass"... I swear to god if I am still here, and if he EVER fucks roxie, and then just ditches her, i will beat his ass soo severely that he wont be ABLE to get laid any time in the near future, nor will he be able to type at the computer, or talk. his name is jason montez or something, and hes a complete douchebag, at one time he even decided to call me a "thickheaded putz" thats coming from a football player... at least i believe hes a football player.

i think being in california makes me bitter.

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[21 Dec 2004|04:49pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

hmm, been forever since ive updated this fucker, so noone reads it anymore, though i think a few people check it from time to time.

wow, soo much has happened since then.

soo much to say, soo much to talk about.

soo many happy times... soo many bad times.

well here is the basic overview of what has happened.

my car blew up. hayley broke up with me. failing in school. *thought id get the bad things out of the way first* ok so now, when hayley broke up with me, i told her "whatever, bye." and then she left. im done with her. i told dagon later that night that i was done with hayley, cuz she asked me how i felt about it, and yeah, so she helped me out alot... by saying "you know, now that youve said your done with her, if you ever get back with here, we are going to give you soo much shit for it... we WONT let you live it down, ever." so that helped me stay with the plan of getting away from hayley. all of my friends realised that she just wasnt right for me. ok lets see then... started hanging out with brian and those peeps at brians house, drinking lots of beer... you know that sorta... stuff. stole alot of stuff, halloween, christmas decorations... just did a whole lot of stupid shit, with clint, ryan sometimes. we stole probly 15 pumpkins and smashed them a few days later. never really TRIED to get with anyone new, a couple girls started liking me, i never had a whole lot of interest in any of them. lets see, there was candice, candice, rachel, kaylan, allison *though i did like allison* and yeah i dont think anyone else liked me but, the only reason i didnt like any of them really... well i tried, i really tried to like them, but, the reason i was trying was because i liked someone, and i allways felt inferior to them, so just the thought of me ever having something with her was INSANE, so thats the reason i didnt like them, because even if i did, it would have been for all the wrong reasons. trying to forget one thing by cramping up the rest of the space in your brain with other people, it doesnt work at all. then theres the issue of allison, and allison, well it was still the same issue as all the other girls just, i actually did feel somewhat closer to her than i had with anyone else... just she would never call me, and she would say she was going to hang out with me, and then not do it. so i ended up giving up on anything ever happening with me and her. like just before i left, she told me we would hang out that saturday, *2 days before i leave* so, saturday around 2 i call her, and she says "well im cleaning the house, but I'll call you when i get done with that." so whatever, i go take clint to work, go get dagon, hang out with her, dagon and i go to brians, theres beer there, i still had to go get clint so i didnt drink, i got get clint at 11... go to the house so he can change his pants i decide, im going to call allison while im home *ring ring* "hey, im hanging out with amber david and tim were watching a movie I will go to brians later you should go over there." ok, i was going to brians anyway, so i figure I will see her there. she doesnt show up there for another hour, by that time dagon and i are tired... so 30 minutes later i tell clint that we are going and hes like "ok, i will be right there" well, my nights, for the last week had been GGGRRRRREAT *sarcasm* so we went back to my house, i hadnt drank anything, because i really didnt feel like it, because by this time, i am getting depressed over having to go to california. i never want to have to leave my friends, even if I am going to see my family that i havent seen in 6 months. 10 days away from dagon and clint is hell. sure ryan is in california, so i am actually closer than i was before, but i wouldnt have been able to see him anyway. well, that night i would have probly gotten real upset just laying in my bed and when i say upset, i mean REALLY upset.the only thing that made that night ANY better was dagon. She stayed the night at my house, and damn my pride or whatever, but i refuse to let myself be upset, or cry or anything like that when she is around. so if she hadnt been there it would have been a really long night for me.

even when she was asleep, i was afraid that she would have woke up and seen me upset. so, i still didnt fall asleep till around 5:45 but, i wouldnt have slept at all had she not been there.

then the next day, allison once again had said she would hang out with me, because she wanted to see me before she left. so, i decide to call her... "im cleaning the house again, but as soon as im done I will call you" once again, no fucking call. i figure oh well, shes hanging out with tim, im not gonna bother her. so, clint goes to work, my mom goes to some stupid ass christmas party, and im sitting at the house alone. i call people, by this time, i dont want to call kaylan anymore, because im sick of her making excuses why she cant hang out with me, and how i have to come see her, which is near impossible unless i steal my moms car, which i have done twice for her. and im not doing it again. i dont want to call allison, because if she really wanted to hang out with me, she would have called me, because ive called her once allready today and nothing is going to make me call her back. dagon is the perfect person to call, just because she is someone i can talk to, and she understands me. so i call dagon, shes doing the same exact thing i am, sitting around the house bored, and hungry. so i decide im going to make burritos, and she should come over and eat burritos with me.. because of all the people in texas she and clint are the 2 that i will miss the most. so, while clint is at work, i cant really go "hang out" with him, so she gets her mom to bring her over to eat burritos and watch 40 days and 40 nights. *good movie by the way* then i open my christmas presant from grammy, *a new leather jacket... a nice one at that* and eat my food and watch the movie, and semi pack my bag. then i take dagon home, and go get clint, and we stop by karas house... *damn that girl, i put the moves on 24-7 for her, but she just doesnt take it :(* then we go home, and i pass out cuz im tired as shit, i fell asleep at 5:45 the night before, and woke up at like.. 8 that morning. not much sleep, so i pass out on the computer, people yell at me cuz im not talking to them. yeah it sucked, so then i leave early the next morning, and now im in california, with nothing to do, noone to do, nothing to talk to, noone to talk to. my only hopes are that clint, dagon, or robert call me, *they have my number :)*

well, im out for now, thats about as much of an update as 4 or 5 months of small ones right?

lotsa love to those i love.

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[05 Sep 2004|02:34am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

well yeah, im sick of this shit, i want to blow sams fucking brains out, get it over with, the kid is gonna die anyway, and if he doesnt die, i hope he goes to jail, cuz hes on too many drugs and he fucking treats kamali like shit... i will say, i like kamali alot, but argh, that guy pisses me off. i really want to kill him... err yeah im going to go drink a lil and go to bed, later guys.

:-\ be safe, dont do tweak...

that shit is fucking gay.


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what... the fuck. [24 Aug 2004|02:13am]
[ mood | cranky ]

ok, so today, was ok, and all... yeah whatever this entry has one point, a guy that pissed me off, to the point where i had to write quite possibly the longest community comment in the history of live journal.

all this fucking asshole had to talk about was how NOFX is better than Green Day, but... his arguements were shit.

i invite anyone and everyone who reads my journal to post the fuck out of this entry.


theres the link, he pissed me off soo much, that i had to show you guys... err yeah..

fuck off.

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Friends only [14 Aug 2004|01:28am]
[ mood | gasy ]


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